Our first priority is to protect


What is your plan to sustain positive cash flow in the event there is a disruption to your paycheck as a result of you becoming sick, hurt or injured? In our experience, we understand that your lifestyle revolves around your paycheck. We protect your paycheck first. Here at Brentley Financial, we are not just knowledgeable about finances, we also understand the importance of monetary value. We are dedicated to preserving one family, one business, and one legacy at a time! 


Brentley Financial

We are an independent financial services firm with a grand vision. Our mission is to change the perspective of the financial industry to everyday hardworking business executives, while offering world-class access to the best insurance and fixed financial products the industry has to offer. Our top priority is making sure we deliver the “Brentley Promise,” which is to place our clients in a position of strength to prevent personal and/or business asset liquidation. 


we are leaders at sustaining your financial value with these  products & services!

Life Insurance

Tax Favored Income Plans


Financial Forums

Disability Insurance

Living Benefits

Key Person Insurance for Business Owners

Children's Saving Plan

one family. one business. one legacy. let us work for you!