Brentley Wright

Founder & Owner, Brentley Financial

Stressed to maximum capacity and working in an industry totally opposite to his talents, Brentley was sent to an industry that gave him a new meaning of life. That industry is the financial services industry. This career move became a game-changer. Growing up in a single-parent home with three siblings was very tough for his family. Witnessing his mother work extremely hard to keep the family sustained, Brentley felt the pressures and stresses of his mother. It’s one of the inheritances of being the firstborn. In Brentley’s words:


“You feel everything in a single-parent home being the oldest.”


Now, with a family of his own, Brentley is determined to help families and business executives establish financial sustainability. Brentley is now the CEO and Founder of Brentley Financial, LLC. Our mission to help change the perspective of the financial industry to everyday hardworking people while offering world-class access to the best insurance and fixed financial products the industry has to offer. Our top priority is making sure we deliver the “Brentley Promise”, which to place our clients in a position of strength that will prevent personal and/or business asset liquidation.


In addition to operating the business, Brentley was granted the opportunity to work with Advisory Council Member for North Carolina Financial Literacy Council. He is currently serving as the Economic Advisor for Accelerating Men Mentoring, Inc and financial consultant for non-profit (501c3) organizations. Independent of his work, Brentley loves being the husband of Kellie and father of his two children.