Paycheck Protection Party

Posted On May 6, 2020

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) and we are excited to provide stellar insights on how you can protect your paycheck. Just like your home, auto, and health insurance, it is also important to protect your paycheck. In today’s fast pace world of growing economics, it’s more incumbent to take measures of securing your cash flow more than ever. If we stop and think for a moment, you have people in your life that depend on you financially, college tuition to cover, and mortgage payments to make. Your income is the result of possessing one of the greatest assets which is the ability to earn your income.

A major reality about our income is that it effects critical areas of our lives. The biggest area being our lifestyle. Our assets. Our retirement. What happens if the paycheck is disrupted by a sickness, illness, or physical injury preventing you from providing for those you love and your future retirement?

In a new series of educational post, our firm, #BrentleyFinancial is going to break down the importance of have individual disability income and the wonderful financial features it provides for your finances. It’s a big party happening and we need you on the ride!

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Let’s party,

Brentley Financial Team